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Abuse: Getting help

This morning I felt myself at a loss for words upon finding out that multiple people in my

world have been physically, mentally, or sexually abused by their husbands or wives.

Though I’ve heard several stories over the years, I have been floored by some of the details of these situations.

Questions that ponder: 1) How could the one you love beat you every day? 2) How could the one you love tell you; that you are not worthy of being anything? 3) How could anyone sexually assault their partner/s? 4) Finally, How do you get out?

I quickly started seeking resources for this blog and from the folks that shared their detailed stories, and though some are on the other side of this, there is NEVER an appropriate time to abuse in any way ones that have cared for you and loved you.

First, please know there is a lot of help out there. Try not to be scared and move on with your situation; get yourself to a safe place.

Call the National Domestic Abuse Hotline: 800-799-7233 or Text: START to 8878. There is abuse beyond what I have stated above, but no person or child should EVER be exposed to this behavior.

The Domestic Hotline website is a vast resource for those going through many types of abuse. Please review their site here: When ready, please, share your story so others can learn how there is life on the other side of abuse.

Sending loving kindness to all you are experiencing this. Divorcee Dish


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