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D: Dividing and Conquering

During a Divorce, you divide many aspects of your entire world into pieces.

You start with financials, most of the time, and begin to figure out how best to deal with money.

Money is the second leading cause of divorce, behind cheating. It could be how money has been handled throughout the marriage, a partner hiding money, partner spending habits, or debt. Anyway, divvying this up causes much stress in the divorce process.

However, money is not the only subject that you must divide. Many people may not know there are other items you need to consider before going down the path of divorce. Here are a few that are the greatest traditional assets - to name:

  1. Bank accounts

  2. Real estate properties

  3. Retirement accounts

  4. Automobiles

  5. Recreational vehicles - i.e., boats, etc.

  6. Vacation properties

  7. Life insurance policies

  8. Annuities

  9. Stocks and bonds

  10. Intellectual property

  11. Personal property

  12. Time

  13. Debts

Though this is a typical list, what I found I thought about immediately was the division of time. Note: that this relates more to children and could apply to pets.

Time schedules for children. Depending on your children, this can be a massive challenge due to school schedules, sports, and extracurricular activities.

Holidays are another item that becomes top of mind. How will we split it? How do we trade it off? Let me give you some advice; make this very clear in your divorcee decree because this may get more complicated than it's worth. Due to family traditions – and family in general not wanting to change it up but are not in the divorce. Be clear and firm.

Vacation schedules: Divorcing and managing vacation time could also be complex. Aligned vacation schedules and pop-up vacation opportunities will happen; however, define the number of days and times with your ex. Always ask in advance – you would be so surprised how many people do not make this a priority.

Several more items will come up that you need to divide and define.

Regarding dividing time, I recommend using the Cozi Family Organizer.


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