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Let's have sex.

Sex talk is never easy. But when you're ready to have sex, and you know it, you can't wait any longer. So here are some ways to help get it on:

· Ensuring your partner is on board with the whole thing is essential if you're in a relationship. If they aren't, that's fine…you can still do it yourself (swear). But if they are, then get ready for some serious fun!

· Ensure you have discussed what sex toys or accessories you want to use together so neither party feels their desires are being ignored or dismissed.

· Discuss how often and how long each session should last; this will help keep things from getting boring or repetitive as time goes by (it's also helpful when deciding whether something needs replacing).

· Agree upon rules regarding safe words/gestures/signals: some people prefer using signal lights instead of words because they feel less threatening; others may want something more explicit such as "red light" vs. "yellow light" vs. "green light." Whatever works best for both partners should be used here. Don’t forget about eye contact!

When you're looking for sex, it can be hard to know where to start. Do you reach out to friends? Friends of friends? Strangers? Online dating apps? Hookup apps? Adult dating sites? Or maybe someone in your life has been flirting with you and making subtle advances in your relationship. Perhaps a coworker who wants more than just friendship but hasn't yet made their intentions known? Nevertheless, it doesn't matter what kind of relationship they have with you. If they're interested in having sex (or something else) with you, it will happen!

Do you have a partner?

· If you have a partner, have sex with them, end of story, period!

· If not, it might be time for some introspection. You might be single because of your choice (you're busy with work or school) or because no one wants to spend time with you (maybe they think your personality is too much). But if neither of these things feels true for you, then it's time to start thinking about what else could be holding back your love life from being better than it is now. Try getting out more. Or even going on dates?

When you want sex, there are many ways to get it.

Be bold and ask a friend if they are up for it. Go to a bar and see if anyone strikes your fancy. Or maybe you've got an app on your phone where people post pictures of themselves in various stages of undress and invite strangers over for sex ((Tinder, Grindr, you name it…booty call central!). You could go to a sex club where tons of people are also looking for some action or even just one person. The possibilities are endless, but of course, this goes without saying, but I will anyway: stay safe and sound.

Now that you know all the different ways to reach out for sex, it's time to go out there and make it happen! You don't need a partner or phone number; you only need yourself and an internet connection. So do what feels suitable for your body today and remember: Nobody else's opinion matters regarding what makes us feel good in bed.

Get them!



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