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Louisville, Kentucky-based Erin Dullaghan Jones founded Divorcee Dish in early 2022, inspired – plus exhausted, exhilarated, along with an array of other emotions – from the trials and tribulations of her divorce. Like many out there, she initially believed she married the love of her life. However, people grow apart, and time takes a toll on some relationships.

But here's the good thing: Erin has grown leaps and bounds throughout the process and has come to appreciate who she is as a now-single woman in her 40s. She's also learned and accepted how integral her ex-husband had/has been on her road to rediscovery as Erin the woman, the person, the professional, and most importantly, the mother. This brings us to her most significant win-win: An even stronger love, adoration, and commitment to and for her three children, who are, and always have been, the real true loves of her life.


Divorcee Dish is created to share stories from the women and men on the front lines of life before, during, and after divorce. It can often feel like a literal battlefield, or perhaps it's more of a peaceful "detente" sort-of process, but here we believe that the parties involved can come out the better for it. Our goal and mission are to curate and share relevant, relatable content and provide insights for those who are going through a divorce, are divorced, or are headed that way.


The blog section of this website, written first-hand by Erin herself, is filled with funny, touching, real-life-no-BS information from her own experiences, those of her divorced friends, and the blog's fans and followers.


Erin is also the Founder of nationally acclaimed in.Mode Marketing LLC – established in 2010 – where her in-depth knowledge of the evolving marketing world is distinguished. Her strategic expertise in communications – Public Relations, Marketing, Crisis Communications (how perfect is that because what divorce is not a crisis?), Social Media Strategy, Event Marketing, and more – enhances and strengthens consumer and trade awareness for her diverse client base, which encompasses philanthropy to consumer goods. She is a charter member of Unified Strategies Public Relations (USPR), an international network of public relations and marketing communications professionals for which she represents the Commonwealth of Kentucky and is a long-term Senior Consultant with The Institute for Crisis Management (ICM), one of the first crisis management consulting firms in North America. Erin is also an accomplished speaker and media training professional with an impressive resume of public speaking engagements at keynote marketing-related events across the nation.

Have a story to share with Erin? Don't hesitate to contact her here, she'd love to hear from you!

And be sure to get social with Divorcee Dish on Instagram and Facebook :-)

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