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5 Realistic Dating Tips

You are freshly divorced and wondering what to do with your newfound time. You may have kids 50/50 or 100 % of the time. Though there are many times, you may be by yourself and curious. Curious about what is out there and the potential for a new connection. Our best

advice is to slow your roll. Have some fun first and foremost because you need to release away from all the emotional tolls of a divorce. Don't take yourself or anyone else when you are freshly divorced.

You may have been separated for an extended period, so you may feel like a connection is needed; however, hold up.

  1. Most say to wait up to six months before actually proceeding forward in a relationship.

  2. Expect it to be weird. Dating at any age is hard, but as we get older, it gets more interesting.

  3. Do not share much personal information when you first meet someone online; you may run into a fake profile. They shower you with compliments, but you go round and round messaging. We recommend a couple of weeks of staying within an app before giving out your phone number.

  4. On your profile, state what you are looking for; if you do not know - say it. It is OK; you need to explore and feel comfortable talking to this person in time. You will figure out what you want, and don't be afraid to set high standards.

  5. Lastly, before you meet them, please ask their last name and when you do meet, tell your friends where you will be, share your location on your phone and have a code if you feel uncomfortable and get out.

There are many online opportunities to meet people, but to meet someone randomly in person is more challenging.


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