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Celebrating the good in your life

You've been through a lot, and it's time to celebrate.

Celebrate your life

  • Celebrate the good things in your life.

  • Celebrate the good things you have done.

  • Celebrate the good things you have learned.

  • Celebrate the good things you have achieved, and know that there's more to come!

Celebrate your strengths and accomplishments.

  • Celebrate the things you have accomplished.

  • Celebrate the things you are good at.

  • Celebrate your strengths and accomplishments.

Celebrate the things that make you happy and confident, like your ability to be a good friend or family member or even make it through another day.

Celebrate all these things because they make up who we are as people--and they should be celebrated!

Celebrate the good times you've had with your ex-spouse.

When you're divorced, focusing on the bad times is easy. You may be angry at your ex-spouse or feel like you wasted years together. But if you're going through a divorce right now, there's no reason not to look back on what was good about your marriage and celebrate it!

  • Remember all the good times: Think about all the great moments you spent together. Maybe it was when one of you first proposed; maybe it was when one of you got pregnant for the first time; perhaps it was simply when you decided to stay up late watching movies together every weekend after work.

  • Learn from any mistakes: If there are things that happened during the course of this relationship that made things worse between us over time (and let's face it--there probably were), take some time now while everything is fresh in mind so that later down the line when things start getting better again after this problematic period passes by then maybe they won't happen again because we learned from our mistakes beforehand!

Celebrate the people in your life who make it special

Celebrate the people who helped you get through the divorce.

Celebrate the people who have been there for you through thick and thin.

Celebrate those who helped you when things were tough, and celebrate those who made your life better by being in it!

Remember, even after divorcing, you need to celebrate

If you and your ex-spouse have children, no matter how old they are or their relationship with their other parent, it's essential for them to have some holiday tradition that brings them together. This could mean celebrating Christmas or Hanukkah together as a family or attending each other's birthday parties. Even if there's no chance of reconciliation between the two of you as adults and parents, it's still important for kids (and adults) to have some connection with both sets of parents throughout their lives--even if it isn't always easy or pleasant!

It takes effort and sacrifice on both sides, but these things can be done; many divorced couples do this every year without even thinking about it!

We hope this post has given you some ideas for celebrating the good in your life. Remember, even after divorce, it's important to celebrate your life and the people who make it unique. Whether holidays are involved doesn't matter- you can always find something worth celebrating!

Take time to celebrate and laugh!

Time to Dish

  • What can you celebrate today?

  • What is most important to recognize?

  • How can you celebrate the little things in life?


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