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Coping with the Loss of Love to Cancer


Losing someone we deeply love is one of life's most challenging experiences. And when that loss is to a relentless illness like cancer, the pain can feel overwhelming. I’m sharing this with you because I have lost two amazing women in my life in the past month.

Both were with the love of their lives, and both of their lives were cut short. One had a love story for over 25 years, and one had several love stories but had found the love of her life a few years ago and was so happy, then entered cancer.

As someone recently said, “Cancer is a thief.” standing by a loved one who is dying is surreal, and the love and care take someone with the greatest strength.

Losing friends and family is hard enough, but losing the person you committed your life to has to be unbearable. Today, I want to shed some light on this situation and the human spirit's resilience amidst the darkest times.

Every epic love story has its humble beginnings; theirs was no exception. They met and instantly connected, filling each other's lives with joy, laughter, and unimaginable love. They nurtured the relationship, cherishing every moment spent together and dreaming of a beautiful future.

When the word "cancer" left the doctor's lips, lives changed forever. The ground beneath them crumbled in a whirlwind of emotions. Fear, anger, sadness, and denial were constant companions as they embarked on a journey neither had anticipated. They faced the uncertainty of each medical visit, chemotherapy sessions, and the exhausting side effects of treatment.

During the challenging times brought on by cancer, their love thrived. Then, they discovered the true meaning of support, finding solace in each other's presence. They laughed, cried, and held onto hope, cherishing the moments when cancer took a backseat to the beautiful memories. Their love became immeasurably strong in every small victory and moment of bravery.

As the battle raged on, deep down, they knew they were losing the fight. Cancer has stolen so much from us, yet it couldn't touch their bond. When the inevitable happened, and they had to say goodbye to the love of their life, I know they felt they would be lost forever.

Grief has no roadmap. It is a process unique to everyone, and no two experiences are the same. After the loss, I hope friends and family can find solace in seeking support from others, therapy, and support groups; both women left behind a legacy, and both are missed deeply.

I’m honoring the two women today because my grief is profound, and some days, I wonder why I’ve lost so many over the years. If you are experiencing this currently – my heart goes out to you.


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