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Did Covid send your marriage over the edge?

There are a lot of talks that the COVID quarantine period caused extra strain on marriages. These marriages may have been acceptable or on edge before, but they crumbled as life has come back to some sense of normalcy.

Adding the stress of parents acting as teachers, working from home, not being able to do routine workouts, or meeting up with friends to get a break, it was an unprecedented time in our lives.

According to a survey conducted by the Institute of Family Studies, 34 percent of married people reported the pandemic had stressed their relationships.

Divorce law firms have stated that divorce rates have increased from 40-to 122%, which seems extreme, but the studies and stats are all over.

There is an excellent article in The Atlantic by Matthew Fray, author of This is How Your Marriage Ends. He talks about the little things that drive spouses crazy, i.e., a dirty glass by the sink - so little, but it becomes a massive issue with a couple.

I've heard people saying I believe the way the toilet paper roll should face, or the toilet seat was always up or down or not flushed, caused my marriage to end. It sounds ridiculous. Those who are divorced and in a marriage where this is happening find it factual. The point is if these little things were bothering you over pre-COVID, they most likely skyrocketed as contention for your marriage falling apart.

I would love to read some journals out there about COVID and your mentality during this time. The couples that made it through COVID without much hardship, we applaud you and the pairs that did not - You are not alone. If COVID was not your reason - here are the top 10 reasons per Gender, of why - look familiar?


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