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Emotions and Boundaries

One of the hardest things you do as a divorcee is to feel overwhelming emotions at times that you just burst into tears. It could be about anything, `and I am human.

It could be because I see a happy moment, and it's not said; it's just emotional. I am a Leo; I feel things deeply and passionately…again I am human.

When you are post-divorce, you will meet a ton of new people. Some come and go, and some stay around for years.

Life continues with girlfriends, boyfriends, new friends, etc., and you choose a new path and keep on. Though sometimes, you must create boundaries for yourself and others you meet along the way. It’s hard sometimes and tears your heart apart, but you know it's for the best. Boundaries are needed because you could overdo yourself and take yourself down – take it from me – I have done it and continue to do it. Again, Human.

However, you need to pull yourself and re-access: 1) Take care of yourself and only yourself when you feel overwhelmed. 2) Find a way, to seek out help to get projects completed you just cannot get to. 3) Listen to your favorite tunes, and of course, dance like no one is watching 4) Set time for friends and make sure you know your limitations. 5) Do not overcommit; no is not a bad word at all; it is a boundary word. 6) Exercise for endorphins because that is time for you. 7) Read Set Boundaries and Find Peace by Nedra Glover Tawwab – it’s a must.

Take care of yourself the rest will be just fine. Cheers!



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