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Feeling Grateful After Ending a Relationship - even if its just shoes

Divorce is never easy, and it can often leave individuals feeling lost, sad, and broken. It's not unusual to start blaming yourself or others for what happened. However, looking at the positives and learning to be thankful even after a divorce is essential.


Here are 12 tips to still be thankful even after your divorce:

1. Appreciate the good moments: Consider the good times during your marriage. Remember the special moments you shared. Focus on the good moments that brought joy and happiness into your life.

2. Reflect on what you have learned: Every experience teaches us something valuable. Analyze what you have learned from the situation; this can be about the relationship, yourself, and the future.

3. Let go of resentment: Resentment and bitterness can hold you back. Allow yourself to forgive your ex-partner and let go of any negative feelings. It can be challenging, but you will feel lighter after doing so.

4. Focus on attractive opportunities: Divorce can be an opportunity to explore new things. Focus on the attractive opportunities that may arise, such as traveling, starting a new career, or taking up a new hobby.

5. Let your friends and family support you. Don't be afraid to seek help. Let your loved ones keep you; they can be a great comfort during this phase of life.

6. Practice gratitude: Being grateful for what you have is an excellent way to find positivity during a difficult time. You can start with small things like thanking your loved ones, nature, or the universe for everything they have provided you with.

7. Embrace new experiences: Try to embrace new experiences after a divorce. This will help you overcome the fear of change and open up the possibilities for a new and exciting life.

8. Maintain a routine: Establishing a practice can be helpful during the turbulent phase of post-divorce. It gives you a sense of stability and helps you navigate through the changes.

9. Let your emotions flow: Don't bottle up your feelings. Allow yourself to feel all emotions during the divorce process and beyond. But don't let them consume you.

10. Seek professional help: If you are struggling to cope, consider contacting a therapist or a life coach to support you.

11. Stay active: Exercise can be an excellent stress buster. Regular exercise sessions can help you release any pent-up emotions and release endorphins, which, in turn, improve mood and energy levels.

12. Practice self-care: Taking care of yourself is the most significant act of self-love. This can be anything from long bubble baths to spa days or reading a good book. Do whatever it takes to keep yourself mentally and physically healthy.

Being thankful after a divorce can be challenging but essential for your well-being. Focusing on the positives and embracing new experiences will help you overcome the difficult phase and look forward to a bright, beautiful future.

What are you thankful for?

Jot it down – it will make you feel better.

Xoxo Erin

Time to Dish:

· It’s so hard to be thankful when life seems to be coming at you in all directions,; you can be grateful – even for your shoes  ?


· I am thankful for: (Fill in the blank)

· I am happy because: (Fill in the blank)

· My emotions feel like this today (Fill in the blank)


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