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Feelings: Share them + be HONEST

Hello, my fellow Dishers; I hope this holiday season is going great for you! My oh my, has my 2022 been a roller coaster of emotions. It's amazing how you let your guard down, and try to be the best that you possibly can, then someone comes into your life and rocks your world.

My road continues to be long, and that's alright with me. However, it is not that it doesn't come with hurt and confusion (for me) when men give and then take more from me.

My heart this year has been all over the place, and I know that is alright, but it is not where I thought I would be years after my divorce. The emotions have worn me out, and I am 100% positive I am not alone.

To wrap up the year, I have decided to share with clarity if a person has hurt me or if I was into them and they acted the same --- I am calling these people out individually. I will need to understand why people 40 + can not seem to communicate and avoid conflict. The crazy thing is that people run, and I just wanted clarity.

As a person who majored in Corporate Communications, it's complicated to understand when people in my age range FREEZE, then the silence makes me anxious. I have even asked someone recently to just say "boo." Anything just answers and respects people who want to sort out their feelings.

The moral of this blog is if you are in an unclear, unkind, and confusing situation. Say what you want to say and if you get no answer - please move on; it's only better in the long run.

When it is your time to find someone - you will know because there will be respect, love, and a connection that doesn't ever need to be questioned.




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