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He's just not that into you

I was dating after the divorce sucks. I sometimes feel as if I can be positive, but then I get let down repeatedly.

Do you ever feel "he's just not that into you"? Well, I'm in it. I went on a date with someone

a couple of weeks ago, and we had a blast. Dinner was eh, and we were both nervous; however, I made the best of it. Though he started the conversation by saying that he has NO time, he gets up at the crack of dawn, works 12-14 hours, works out, then sleeps "naps." In my head, I was like, "then why are we here?" (red flag one) ., but then I thought I was determined to have a good night. We proceeded to have drinks at a dive bar, and he immediately asked me out after that for the following Monday.

Although he never confirmed and then called to say, are we one (red flag two); next, he said well, when are you free? I said, "Thursday," and we planned on then. He arrived and was overwhelmed by work. I had wine and snacks ready for us, and we were going to walk up to get dinner. Yet, alas, he goes to work, probably not needed but going for a promotion, so he feels as if he needs to, so we probably spent an hour together, then he left. 4 hours later, he was done (red flag 3). NOTE to all: Do not leave a date hanging unless it's life or death, or kids emergency, etc. He said oh, I will make it up to you on Friday, don't worry, and I'm so sorry. Friday comes, he calls me "on his way home," and I say, " so we are not on for tonight" - "I intended to take you out, but when you didn't answer your phone at 1 p.m., I figured you were busy with work, I even bought a 5-hour energy drink to take you out."

My head, "seriously?" so I forgo other plans to wait for this guy (red flag no 4).

He then goes to a concert as planned with his family and calls me to tell me he's leaving. I do not see a word from him, so I text---did they play this song? Response no, then crickets. The following day I hear NOTHING until around 7 p.m., just checking in and asking me out for Tuesday or Wednesday. On Tuesday, he checks his phone multiple times during dinner, not paying much attention to me. (red flag no. 5).

We did have a good night, and I was happy I gave him a chance. I told him I was free the following night. He then calls me at 6 p.m. I'm headed home, and I'm wiped out. I even offered to make him dinner and let him chill after a long day. - "I appreciate it, but I'm going home to nap."

Do I hear from him - not until after work, then Friday calls, on the way home from work, talks about a big weekend at the lake, lots of fun, and sleeping? Does he say, "when can I see you again?" or "hey, I know we just met but come down for the weekend" -NO.

Then I discovered he had left his glasses there- I texted are these your response "yes, smiley face," Me: "do you need me to overnight them or something" - "no, they are from amazon, thank you for being so kind." (red flag--- I've lost track)."

I text back "sure" and "See you "....because I am done with you.

The moral is to watch out for the early red flags and RUN. This person is self-absorbed and focused on their career and money.

I'm there, but I care more about people than money. Good Luck out there. Watch out for these signs!


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