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When intimacy sucks in a new relationship, Do you stay or go?


While physical intimacy is an essential aspect of a romantic relationship, what happens when the sexual chemistry just isn't there? Let’s discuss how to address and overcome challenges when the sex in your dating life isn't meeting your expectations.

Effective communication is critical when addressing any issues in a relationship, including sexual dissatisfaction. Honest and open conversations about desires, preferences, and concerns can lay the groundwork for finding solutions. It's essential to approach these discussions with empathy and understanding, emphasizing that you want to work together to improve intimacy.

Let’s dig deeper, and it's essential to identify the reasons behind your dissatisfaction with the sexual aspect of your relationship. Several factors, such as mismatched libidos, stress, physical health concerns, or unresolved emotional issues, might contribute to this issue.

Understanding the underlying reasons can guide you toward finding practical solutions.

Explore Other Forms of Intimacy; remember, intimacy doesn't solely revolve around sexual activity. Explore other forms of intimacy, such as emotional, intellectual, or spiritual connections. Building upon these aspects of your relationship can help create a stronger foundation, which can, in turn, positively impact your sexual contact.

Try experimenting; if both partners are open to it, experimenting with different techniques or introducing new elements into your sexual routine can help reignite the spark. It's essential to approach these experiments with consent, communication, and willingness to explore each other's desires respectfully.

Every relationship faces challenges, and a lackluster sex life is not an uncommon struggle. You can work towards improving your connection by exploring different avenues of intimacy. Remember, it's essential to approach these challenges as a team and focus on building a relationship that fulfills both partners' needs inside the bedroom. However, outside intimacy is also essential if the connection is not there…. Life’s too short not to connect on either side of the bedroom. UM, do not settle in bed –do not!


Time to Dish

  • Does sex with your partner bore?

  • Are they hot, and there’s zero chemistry?

  • How have you handled it?

  • Did you give them another chance?


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