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Soul Connections

Have you ever wondered if you have met or are bound to meet a second or third soulmate in your lifetime?

There are so many sites that can say Leo's soulmates are Aries, Gemini, Libra, Sagittarius, or

maybe Capricorn. If you are like many people and believe in the stars and compatible mates,

you seek this information from psychics, therapists, and friends who believe in those connections.

However, my motto is live at the moment, with just a little inspiration and information searching about who's right for you.

I have spent many post-divorce days thinking about this and sometimes playing around with sites that say they are in the know of soul connections. I have thought a lot about wants, and needs from each side. I've learned to be more assertive about what I need in a partner, and that's exciting any way you look at it.

At any rate, if you like to daydream, I encourage you to visit or the Relationship Psychics or the many others that are out there.

Here is a clip from the Relationship Psychics talking about the 6 most common Soul Connections. Soulmates, Twin Flames, Karmic Soulmate, Kindred Spirit, and Soul Teacher are common soul connection types. There are many soul-level connections, but these 6 are the most commonly seen. This video will go over the top signs of spiritual connections and how YOU can recognize them in your life!


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