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5 Activities that are simple and fun for single parents and kids.

Being a single parent is a challenge, but it doesn't have to make you feel guilty or add to exhaustion. If you're looking for fun and easy ways to keep your child entertained without breaking the bank or wearing yourself out, check out these five activities that are just right.

1. Read a book together

Reading a book is a great way to spend time with and bond with your kids. It's also an excellent activity for you to do by yourself, if you have some free time during the day or evening, as it can help pass the time.

Reading together will help improve your child's reading skills by forcing them to pay attention and follow along as they read aloud together. The more often this happens, the better they'll get at it!

2. Build something together

This could be as simple as building a fort in your backyard or as elaborate as a tree house that takes weeks of work and planning. If you're feeling ambitious, try making a model car or airplane with your child--it's great bonding time and can become something they cherish for years to come.

3. Take the dog for a walk to the park

If you have a dog, they likely enjoy being outside and going on walks. So why not take them to the park? Many parks in your area allow dogs, so find one nearby and go there! The kids will also love seeing other people with their pets (and maybe even get some ideas for their next pet). If you haven't taken your kids to a dog park yet, this is also an option-- make sure there are no signs saying "no children allowed" before entering.

4. Plan a picnic at home, make sandwiches, pick a healthy side, and sneak in a surprise.

Sandwiches are an excellent choice for a picnic at home. They're easy to make and can be healthy, too! Use different breads and fillings, or add some fruit to make it more nutritious.

You can make sandwiches fun for kids by adding different spreads or toppings--like peanut butter, jelly, mayonnaise (which might not be very healthy), mustard--whatever your kids like best!

5. Play games like UNO or Scrabble together

UNO is a card game that can be played with younger kids, while Scrabble is a board game that can be played with older children. Both games are relatively easy to learn but require some strategy and thoughtfulness. You'll want to choose the correct version of your chosen game for the ages of your kids: if you have younger ones who have trouble reading, stick with UNO; if you have older ones who can read well and understand abstract concepts like "X" or "Y," then go ahead and try out Scrabble!

This article has encouraged you to get out and do something with your kids. It doesn't have to be complicated or expensive; make sure you spend time together as a family!



Time to Dish:

  • What are some light and easy activities you play with your kids?

  • When they ask for you to entertain them, how do you react?

  • What are you feeling when it’s that time to stop and focus on your kiddos?


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