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Dating has become Elementary!

Happy 2023 Dishers, raise your hand if you'd like to go back to elementary school (I didn’t think so). I hope your first few days of the New Year have been good ones! Mine have been great, and I'm already feeling empowered working through the many topics we'll be tackling this year.

As I explored various dating apps throughout the holidays, I noticed many things, some OK, others just plain bizarre. Then, it came to me: This is just like elementary school. Swipe left for no and right for yes. Gawd!

It's like the notes we used to pass in class in elementary, middle, and high school. You know the drill. Check the box if you like so and so:

Along with an array of other ridiculous questions, comments, and more that only a pre-pubescent or teenager would answer.

However, with dating apps circa 2023, the pressure seems to be all on us ladies and gentlemen for almost every app. These apps are also filled with a flurry of fake profiles I've caught, which include the following faux pas that are dead giveaways of certifiable creeps (MEN/WOMAN ALIKE):

1) They are not verified

2) They do not use proper grammar

3) They do not know where they live (i.e., always traveling)

4) When asked for a last name or link to a profile outside the dating site, they send you something bogus.

5) They ask you for money to get “home" if you do agree to a date that leads to something more.

App daters, please be aware. Sadly, we live in a society where virtualization begins or ends a relationship. The messaging systems and the texting….that’s about it.

It was so much better when men would call women - or women called men, women called other women - and on and on and on - if you really wanted to get to know them or vice versa. The recordings on dating sites attempt this; however, it's not enough, far from it.

Real dating needs a big dose of the human element, my friends because this virtual world is a hot mess. True love, even true like (nothing wrong with that), is out there for everyone, but it ain't simple these days. Although it could be very elementary - in the best sense of the word - if we simply give it a try.




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