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Let's talk about sex....

Let’s talk about having fun and safe sexual interactions as adults. We wrote before on this topic, and I find it interesting that the questions I get or stories I tell my friend and when my friends share are fascinating.

According to Health News:

“Both men and women tend to be more sexually active in their 20s but do not necessarily have a more satisfying sex life. Sex drive is highest in men in their 20s and decreases with age, along with testosterone levels; as sex drive decreases with age, erectile dysfunction and other types of sexual dysfunction increase. In other words, men tend to have less sex and more sexual problems as they age.

However, none of that matters when it comes to sexual satisfaction. Research has found that while sexual function decreases in men—especially after age 50—sexual satisfaction isn’t strictly determined by age. “

My thought – is that so? Primarily when, I have heard women hit another “prime period” in their ’40-’50s, even with the menopausal states setting in and erectile dysfunction setting. Fortunately, there is aphotic care and prescriptions for both – so no excuses for not having it.

After a divorce, you may feel like a teenager catching up on years of new sexual experiences and becoming more comfortable with your body as an adult. I think you get to the point that this is what it is and, if not accepted by all sexual identities – causes a sense of the unknown.

However, it’s almost like riding a bike. Do you remember the first time you had intercourse, the awkward, sloppy, I do not know what to do here; we must do this daily? This feeling can happen again, and it should.

It’s harder to find your perfect mate, mainly because when you are in your late 40s or 50s and beyond, you find a different respect for yourself, and if people do not like it – who gives a flying f? It’s none of their business.

The point is not to hold yourself back just because you do not have a relationship. Let yourself go and feel all the feels…create new sexual memories that you can now share and reflect on….and most like, give a nice giggle to your new adventures.

It's essential to good health; do not make it shameful. Boys and girls, it's time to see what it is like later in life.

Peace out,

Have fun, as always!

Stay Safe



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