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NEW YEAR: New attitude? New beginnings? It’s all waiting for you.

OK, boys and girls, here we are. A new year and newly – or not the so-newly – single life. What to do? Start drinking mimosas when you wake up on New Year’s Eve and don’t stop until January 2, or pull yourself together and make some real strides on how you want 2023 to play out for you. I choose the latter, and the below sources from the Huffington Post (a favorite go-to of mine) outline some remarkable things to practice and put perspective around.

Sure, I could joke about bad hook-ups, awkward encounters with former exes, walks of shame, etc., but here’s some REAL stuff you need to consider and practice in ’23. I promise you’ll feel like a new person by this time next year.

Respect Your Ex It may sound not easy, but it's a necessity. Treating your ex with kindness and respect will be better for you and your kids. This includes not speaking negatively of your ex in front of the kids. Could you call a friend if you need to vent?

Take the High Road If you feel dragged into another argument, take a step back and be the bigger person. Realize that falling into this negativity is toxic and benefits no one.

Stop Over-Thinking It's easy to obsess over what went wrong and why, but you know why. Leave it behind you and take the lessons learned forward.

Be Present Living in the moment allows you to appreciate those around you genuinely. Focusing on the past can be depressing, and concentrating on the future can cause fear and anxiety. All that matters is how you spend your time with those you love. Focus on You: The new year is an ideal time to focus on your needs and take time for yourself. Set some time aside to pursue a hobby or interest. Take a class that interests you. Focus on what makes you the happiest, and do that!

Consider Dating Letting emotions get the best of you and hibernating would be easy. However, you must take stock of your self-esteem and ensure you are in a good place before leaping back into the dating pool.

Be Patient Don't be too hard on yourself. If you need to cry, let yourself cry. Remember that this is a difficult transition and to be kind to yourself. But be sure not to wallow. It's a hard line to draw but an important one not to cross.

Ask for Help Utilize your support system: they want to help you! If you feel isolated or depressed, let your friends and family know. Tell them what you need from them, whether simply listening or being a companion. ·

Take Control Of your finances, that is. Create a budget, analyze your retirement accounts, create an emergency fund, and take a look at your investments. Knowing what you have will help you make informed decisions throughout the new year.

In closing, I want to thank you ALL for joining me on this new journey of my life. Divorcee Dish is for women, men, gay, straight, gender-fluid, whoever, whenever they wish to read, vent, scream, whatever. It has been one of my greatest joys of 2022 to create and share this with you, and I hope you feel the love I’m sending back with each and every blog post and social media comment, you name it! I wish you all a wonder-filled, adventurous self-discovery 2023 - whatever it’s going to be -and it brings you even more knowledge, self-assurance, peace, and joy!

Xo, Erin

Original HuffPo source: Nicole Gussick for Divorce Magazine.


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