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Playing the Feeld: What is this dating app all about?


In a world where traditional dating apps may leave you longing for more, Feeld is here to redefine how people connect and explore their desires. Launched in 2014, Feeld has gained popularity and become a go-to platform for open-minded people looking for unconventional relationships and connections. A friend or two were on it, so exploring was interesting.

So, what sets Feeld apart from other dating apps? Let's dive in and explore what this unique platform is all about.

Embracing non-traditional relationships: Feeld is designed to cater to individuals and couples seeking various connections beyond traditional monogamous relationships. Whether you're interested in polyamory, open relationships, threesomes, or simply exploring your curiosities, Feeld provides a safe and inclusive space to express yourself without judgment.

An inclusive community: Feeld fosters an inclusive environment where people of all orientations and gender identities feel welcome and understood. The app offers a selection of more than 20 gender identities and various sexual orientations, allowing users to express their true selves and connect with like-minded individuals.

 Connecting with like-minded individuals: Feeld understands that meaningful connections are based on shared interests and desires. The app allows you to create a detailed profile that reflects your preferences, kinks, and intentions, making it easier to find compatible partners. You can browse through profiles, join communities, and chat with potential matches to explore your shared interests and spark connections.

Feeld and beyond: While Feeld is widely known for its focus on unconventional relationships, the app still offers a space for those seeking traditional dating experiences. It recognizes that not all users are interested in exploring alternative arrangements and, therefore, provides the flexibility to match with individuals or couples who align with your dating preferences.

Discretion and privacy: Feeld values privacy and discretion, which are often crucial when exploring non-traditional relationships. The app lets you control the visibility of your profile, allowing you to stay discreet if necessary. Additionally, Feeld has strict policies to ensure the safety and privacy of its users.

So, is Feeld suitable for you? If you're open-minded, curious, and interested in exploring relationships beyond societal norms, Feeld offers a refreshing platform to connect with like-minded individuals. It encourages healthy conversations about desires, preferences, and boundaries, fostering a supportive community where you can embrace your true self.

However, it's essential to approach Feeld, or any dating app, with an open mind and realistic expectations. Remember to communicate your boundaries and expectations with potential matches and prioritize your safety and well-being throughout your journey.

Whether you are looking for a new adventure, exploring your sexuality, or seeking a non-traditional connection, Feeld provides a unique space to express your desires and connect with others who share your interests. So, why not dive into the world of Feeld and see where it takes you?

If you are curious, this is a good one to dig into; quite interesting.





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