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Spring Cleaning of the Mind

You need time just for yourself. Period.

Your body, mind, and spirit have been through so much recently or over the past few years. This world can be exhausting; as we've said before, adulting is challenging especially with divorce in the mix.

Sometimes you literally ache in your bones due to the exhaustion of daily life. The trials and tribulations of work, kids, activities, home issues, and house cleaning are endless today.

You must schedule a time to escape, whether booking a hotel in the city in which you live or getting out of town for a solo vacation. Yes, I said solo vacation. It’s actually hilarious when I tell people I'm going on holiday alone! They ask, “No family? No friends? All by yourself?" Answer: A resounding YES, all by myself.

I am so lucky to live with a world of humans who care deeply about me and my well-being. I often hear, “I don't know if I could go on vacation alone. What do you do?” Answer: "Whatever I want. Period."

Sometimes you must decompress and take a vacation from the daily grind because if you don't, you'll burn the candles at both ends and eventually suffer third degree injuries.

The best thing you can do to be the best parent, partner, and friend is to take this time off to reflect...or not.

When reflecting, figure out what’s working and what’s not. The other day, a good friend said, "your brain needs Spring Cleaning – evaluate who’s currently in your world, what you're doing as a purpose, and how’s that treating you."

I thought that was BRILLIANT...Spring Cleaning for the Brain. Here are a few ways to get started:

1) Start with your journal or create something new in writing. Anything that's been on your mind, in no particular order.

2) List your goals, short and long-term. Where are you with them? Close, or are they in the future? Either way, it doesn't matter, list.

3) What would you change in your current world, and what would be different? Are people or work dragging you down?

4) Finally, make it happen. Manifest the life you want. Spring Cleaning of the mind is so beneficial that you will feel weight falling off you that you haven’t committed to cleaning out. You may feel like a new person with new energy because you must let go of whatever drags you down, people or things.

The benefit to all of this is your overall health and positive spirit.

It’s time to get started NOW so enjoy!



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