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As they say in real estate, location is everything 😉

Your comfort level on a post-divorce first date with a new guy/gal should be 100% chill, and something to look forward to - not freak over - and where you decide to go is a top priority. Why? Because you're entering uncharted territory with someone new, and when you take the upper hand on where to go/what to do, you're that much ahead of the game when it comes time to decide if there'll be a connection or you need an immediate escape plan.

So, where should you go on your first date? It depends on how comfortable you are with that new someone. You're new to dating and headed out on your first date. Where you meet may determine how well it goes. And if it isn't a setup by a friend, online communique brings its own challenges: Do you know this person from a dating app, messenger, or texting? Do they have a verified account from an online source? Have you had a video chat with them and virtually met? If not, you should do all those things before you deep dive into a first date (FYI, many sites offer free background checks and always ask for a last name, so it's totally legit). And finally, to be safe before that first date, let someone you're close to knowing where you are and who you are with (they can also be part of the escape mentioned above route, if necessary, as mentioned above).

Once you get to the first date, here are some vetted suggestions from trusted sources and friends we know: 1) Go for coffee at a favorite local, independent shop 2) Take a walk - decide on a meet-up spot and walk from there 3) Meet at your favorite restaurant or his/hers 4) Meet for one drink (don't overdo the alcohol) only to get a feel for them 5) If it's someone you know through a friend, try a group date 6) Do you have a hobby you may want to suggest you both share? Try that and see where it leads 7) Scope out events in advance that may interest you both These are not set in stone, merely suggestions, but always try to make it easy for both of you. My main advice: Be confident, and for heaven's sake, let yourself have some fun! It's not a marriage proposal, LOL (unless it's love at first site, and if it is, let us know immediately how you pulled it off!). Good luck out there,


Journaling Opportunity:

1) Where have you gone on your first dates?

2) How do you screen your future dates?

3) What are you looking for?

4) What's the best first date you ever had?


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