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Fireworks or Burning Flame?

When reentering the dating universe, it can be tricky. There are so many options for dating sites beyond the traditional way of meeting people.

I'm not too fond of dating applications, though I have had friends and family meet their partners on these channels.

Though I loathe them, sometimes I feel it’s a necessary evil. I’m the type that gets on the sites to see if there are new people, then get frustrated and deletes my profile – even though I have been suckered into paying for the premium services. This still has not called me where I want to be, and reading people online is difficult.

Are you feeling fireworks before you meet someone in person? Or are you looking for a Burning Flame (fling)?

Of course, it may be both, but I will say the people I have met to date are nothing like their profiles except 1 or 2.

My successes have been little, and even if you “like” them, it doesn’t mean the feeling is mutual. I advise asking what they are looking for upfront before getting into a long texting session. I also recommend thinking about what you want if you do not know it is all right.

Exploring your new dating world at any age is tough. Technology has forced us to think that love doesn’t happen in the old traditional way…or does it?

If you feel the fireworks go for it…. the flames may be the result, but you have to remember it's all-new, and you will make mistakes, but there will be victories and fun.

Good Luck out there.


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