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Guest Post: AND #2 Single Dad x Father's Day!

*sigh*I remember my first Father's Day as a newly single dad. It was roughly two months into things as our separation/divorce happened in April of the same year. I went back and tried to remember what I did on Father's Day because I would have taken a picture of some kind, but I didn't. I have no history of that first Father's Day as a single dad.

What I can tell you that I remember is how I felt. It was my first Father's Day with two kids, and I remember feeling empty, ashamed, and honestly blaming myself for a situation I did not cause. I also remember feeling so alone. It felt weird waking up knowing that part of this day, celebrating with the person who made you a father, was gone. It's a harsh yet needed realization.

Alas, these feelings don't last forever. You begin to embrace your new routine and get used to it, and it's an even more special day cause you figure out how to celebrate it and maximize that time with your kids. You adapt, overcome and learn that it's no different, it's even slightly better than before.

I know it can be better than before, even with all the feelings of emptiness, regret, and weirdness that the day now presents. You have to remember to have fun during the chaos. Yes, your situation is yours; it's not like anyone else's, but take the day to forget about the stress, the baby mama drama, work, and all the things that weigh on your shoulders regularly. Take a load off, and have fun. Enjoy the day, enjoy your kids, and enjoy being celebrated!

So how can you celebrate Father's Day as a newly single dad, or you're in a place you're still not used to, or you're just a single dad fresh out of ideas and ways to celebrate?

  1. Go to church; if you have a relationship with a higher power, why not develop that relationship with your kids?

  2. Take yourself out to a meal. Go to your and your kid's favorite restaurant/food truck.

  3. Or cook your favorite meal with your kids and show them that Dad knows how to cook.

  4. Take yourself and the kids to the park, pool, rec center, or whatever place has something for the kids to do and you to sit and watch them play.

  5. Find a local Father's Dad event in your community and show up and attend.

  6. If you can host a Father's Day BBQ with your dad's friends, Dress up in your best dad fits, and look fabulous while doing it.

  7. Take a day trip, head to a new place, a new hike, go cave exploring, get out into nature, and disconnect for the day.

  8. Go to a sporting event. We are now into the dog days of summer, which means plenty of MLB, MiLB (Minor League Baseball), Collegiate Summer, Independent, and almost every level of baseball fully available to you. Visit my friends at to find a team and a game in your local area.

Well, there you have it, eight things you can do or try this Father's Day as you rock the Single Dad socks! You got this; enjoy the day, and embrace the chaos. Remember, come what may, and love it!

Your story is not over.

Thanks for reading; if you like what you read today, head to and check out all of Jey's writings and creations. Follow him on I.G./Facebook, Ball Boy Blog, and Young Dad Podcast.


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