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Happy Mother's Day to the Single Moms 💐

To all the single moms raising children independently, you are the most amazing women I have ever known. You have a tough job but do it gracefully and with incredible strength.

Here at Divorcee Dish, we’re saluting the single moms working hard to provide their families with everything they need, including discipline, manners, respect for each other, and LOVE. You, my friends, are the most amazing woman on earth. You are my heroes; I admire and am in awe of your strength and courage daily.

And while single moms may not have a partner to lean on or help with household chores, you still make it all work by yourself and sometimes even better than if two people were involved! You are an inspiration to me as well as other women who strive to raise healthy children in a loving, positive environment.

You are exemplary role models for your children. They see how you live with love and selflessness, even when you’re going through hard times. They learn from the choices you make every day: that there is always room in our hearts for more people (including pets), no matter how tiny our homes may be; that everyone deserves respect regardless of their appearance or background and that we should never judge others based on first impressions alone; that everyone contributes something to this world; and so much more.

As a single mother, you inspire others by example: showing them what courage looks like; demonstrating how one can remain positive even when things seem hopeless and bleak; and showing them how important it is to keep fighting until victory has been achieved (or at least peace has been reached). You're also an inspiration because even though life gets tough - and no matter what happens during those rough patches - you find ways each day to keep going forward instead of giving up or becoming bitter about past mistakes, failures, or losses.

On Mother's Day this Sunday, take time for yourself and enjoy all you have. And it doesn’t end there: fulfill your needs, not only on Mother’s Day but by practicing self-care every day, 365/24/7.

We love you all, we're grateful for all you do, and we hope your Mother's Day is filled with joy and happiness for you, your family, and your friends.

From the Divorcee Dish family to yours,

Happy, Happy Mother’s Day!


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