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Is he a “big fish” or a guppy? And why would anyone care? 🐟🐳🍆📵

Does anyone know why some men insist on showing men show their ‘fish’ on dating profiles?

So, you're on Tinder, Bumble, Match, Stir or any other dating app looking for love and perhaps a catch. Let’s start with the ladies’ profiles. You've swiped right on someone who looks like a potential match, but then you notice that she needs a profile picture, or it could be better at showing her attractiveness. Her “bait.” But wait: There’s a pic of her in her underwear, so there's hope! She might have something else to show off that makes her even more attractive than what appears at first sight, wink wink. But more often than not, this doesn’t even come close to what the guys do.

I’m trying to wrap my head around the reasons so many men show their fish on dating profiles, even though most women – yours truly included - don't care about the size of their man's fish (or whatever else they may have to offer genetically) if he has a brain in his head and shows us some respect.

So, what does make a man proud of his, ahem, “Moby Dick”? The answer is simple: they think this will attract women. But here’s what gets me: it works A LOT of the time. Women are not more likely to respond to profiles that show off that endowment, even though there's no evidence that men with big fish are any better than those without them. Why? Because we live in a culture where men feel entitled to have whatever they want, and when it comes to attracting women (or men if that’s their bias), so be it! “Hey, look what I’ve got, baby…you know you want it.”

What do women care about when looking for true partners? Personality and character traits like honesty, kindness, and respectfulness matter most. But let’s be honest: In some cases, size does matter to many women. But guys, don't worry. If you've got the personality part down pat but need more confidence around fishing rods or reels, we can help you with that too!

So, do most women care about the size of a man's parts? The answer is no, but only to a point. Women are more interested in a man's heart size than his penis. However, that doesn't mean a guy has to be dishonest about his financial situation when dating online. If he has nothing to offer her except a body and its sexual prowess, she will likely move on quickly once she discovers that there isn't much besides potential one-off relations.

Suppose she knows from the get-go that she can rely on her partner for financial stability and security. In that case, it will make her feel secure in knowing that both parties are working together towards achieving mutual goals instead of just trying to get something out of each other without giving anything back in return - which leads us to my next point: When a man shows off his giant fish, he's probably trying to compensate for something.

You know how sometimes, when someone tells another person something embarrassing about themselves (like having an STD), they feel better afterward? That's like what happens here: guys with smaller penises will brag about how big their catch is to make themselves feel better about being small downstairs. Many dudes might be showing their big fish for several reasons, but the most common is insecurity. If he has a small penis, he may think you’ll think he’s not good enough in bed. Or if some other aspect of life has shaken his confidence as a man, he may be trying to compensate for something else with this display of his giant redwood.

Big fish photos are a big-time red light and a sign of immaturity and lack of confidence in self-worth, which can be a deal breaker for women looking to date someone who will treat them well in the long term (not just one night).

So, what does it all mean? We hope all of you will take our advice and keep your big fish where it belongs: in your pants. It's not that we think you should lie about it or hide it from your partner, but rather that you should be aware of its meaning and how it affects others. If you're super proud of your schlong, some deeper issues might be at play here, so please make sure those are addressed before showing off this symbol of masculinity!

Have a “whopper” of a day 😆


Time to Dish:

  • Have you swiped right on someone only to notice seconds later a "fish" photo?

  • Did you date them?

  • Did they talk about how much they love to fish?


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