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Journaling Clears the Mind

Today we will talk about the importance of Journaling. As you begin your journal down the divorce road, your mind is filled with thoughts from A to Z. Do I want this? How will the kids react to the news? Where do I go to find that inner peace I've been seeking? And a multitude of other questions.

Starting is a great way to destress and let go of everything on your mind. We encourage you to jot down anything that comes into your headspace.

Divorces are not pleasant for your or your partner's physical or mental wellness; however, once that journey begins, the entire process is difficult to juggle on top of your day-to-day commitments. Below you will find nine benefits of Journaling.... from my experience:

1) Journaling can help you release negative thoughts.

2) Journaling can strengthen the memory part of your brain.

3) Journaling can make you laugh or cry, or both.

4) Journaling can start with a simple checklist of things you need to do.

5) Journaling is one of the best ways to express emotions.

6) Journaling clears the clutter when you need to unleash it, so you will not escalate in a different space.

7) Journaling is an excellent stress reliever.

8) You can write everything down to keep or shred after your divorce.

9) Journaling is time for you. When divorcing, it is so important to take care of YOU.

Supplies needed:

  • One journal

  • One pen

  • One mind

Let's go!


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