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A manifestation of something is one of the different ways it can appear.

You may have heard the word manifest used in many ways over the past few years, especially when creating a world you want and crave.

I have heard it often lately regarding relationships and work .

“Manifest what you want, make it happen?” someone once told me. You can create the world you dream of just by thinking and believing that something you want will happen.

So, let’s break it down a bit more to fully embrace the concept of manifesting your life. We will relate this to the divorcee world and your future.

M: Making a world in which you are your happiest can happen because you have the power to move your mindset to a better place.

A: Align your thoughts and feelings as if they are honest and your wants and needs are already where you want them.

N: Never derail your thoughts and think this cannot happen because it’s a proven fact it can. One way is journaling your thoughts as if you are in this happy place.

I: Imagine. Close your eyes and imagine you are already with the love of your life, or you have that job you want or the home you have been dreaming of all your life, and it is yours!

F: Feel the feels. How does manifesting make you feel? Does your chest fill with joy automatically? Are you there in your mind and heart?

E: Express your passions by journaling or listing how you will embrace the challenge of turning your world into what you want it to be.

S: Sense it. Use all your senses to create this manifested world where you oversee how you think, feel, and embrace it.

T: Teach others that manifesting is a way of life. You have this world you have created already – what do you want that to look like today, tomorrow, and for years to come?

Feel as if you are with that partner; you have been dreaming of someone you already know or who may be within reach. Close your eyes and take the time and feel in your heart, mind, and soul that you are there.

Manifesting is not necessarily a new concept but a way of life. You may have done this through “envisioning” the way your life will/could be. However, when you manifest, you make it happen.

Let’s get started with a few questions:

· What does your soul want to feel?

· How do you attract and surround yourself with people that bring you up?

· Are you living in the moment and thinking there is a way to create the life you want?

· What is the number one thing you want to manifest? Person, place, or something.

· Where do you see yourself, and what will bring you happiness?

Now go Manifest!




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