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Single parenting and Self-Care

Our blog discusses self-care and ensuring you do not burn the candle at both ends. However, being a single parent can zap you to the core in zero seconds. It is the food, laundry, cleaning, clothing needed, medical bills, a roof over your and their head/s, and


Even if you have the best co-parent situation – sharing responsibilities yet running two different households simultaneously (let’s be honest) is hard.

Here are some ideas for navigating life as a single parent and winning: 1) Give it up. Let your groceries be delivered. Plan out your days you have your kids, plan meals, and order only what you need. This is a huge time suck if not. 2) Hire someone to help you keep up with the deep cleaning of your house – find a way to spend a little bit extra for this peace of mind. 3) Plan family fun time and feed off the energy of your kids. That quality time is something they and you will always cherish. 4) Then plan your time and stick to it. Even if you miss a game or two, you must take care of yourself. You will be a better parent because of it. 5) Give your kids chores – possibly similar chores in both households. Children can feel empowered knowing it’s their job to clean the living room, etc. 6) Carpooling: If multiple children are on different teams, see if you can figure out a carpool. It doesn’t mean anything, but you are efficient with your time. 7) Daily: Meditate. Just try it. It can ground you and allow you to focus on the tasks.

Navigating life without a co-pilot is challenging at best. Learn not to overcommit yourself; it’s ok to say NO; I just need time for myself.


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