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Dating: What is up with non-communicators?

You don't need to have anything to do with a mean person, so don't waste your time, period. When someone is being mean or unresponsive, remove yourself from their presence and go somewhere else, finding people that love and support you. Dealing with non-communicators is like pulling teeth (which is no fun at all), and people these days (mostly) have lost the art of kindness when interested in someone.

If you are stuck at work and a disrespectful friend, date, whatever, won't leave you alone, or if they live next door and constantly invite themselves over for dinner (or worse), it's time for severe boundary-setting. Set boundaries about when and where it's OK for them to communicate with you and stick to these rules:

You need to protect yourself and practice boundaries.

  • Protect your time.

  • Practice boundaries.

  • Have a plan for dealing with mean people.

  • Only waste your time on someone else's drama if you have the energy and patience. We suggest avoiding other people's drama at all costs.

  • Mean people are rude, disrespectful, and completely ignorant in the communication area. They don't care about you or your feelings and will do everything they can to make you feel bad about yourself. They have little regard for others and their needs; they only care about themselves! You are better than that! And it's not just their behavior that makes them mean, but also how they communicate with others.

  • They don't listen - When someone is being mean towards us, it's easy for us to get defensive because we feel like we're being attacked or insulted by what they say or do. However, this isn't always true (or fair). Sometimes when someone says something hurtful or critical towards us, it may be because they don't know any better. That doesn't make them less wrong, in any case.

Building a relationship means two-way communication via phone or in person.

There's no better way to communicate than in person or on the phone because you can hear the other person's tone and body language. Texting is impersonal and not ideal for relationships. You need to be able to listen to the other person's voice.

If someone can not commit to that, run!

Do not walk; I’m telling you to RUN., they are a poor friend, and you must protect yourself. If your kids are disrespectfully texting you and don't respond when you ask them not to text at all or very sparingly, they are also disrespectful. It takes two-way communication for a relationship, and texting is only proper communication if it is with your kids, who are still learning about their phones! Building relationships means talking on the phone or in person; there is no other way around it!

We are all entitled to our own opinion, but when someone is mean or disrespectful, it's time to walk away. They are not worth your time if they cannot commit to two-way communication. You deserve better than that.

Hold your heart to the highest level!


Time to Dish:

  • How often have you dealt with people who can not communicate?

  • Is it because they feel as if they will say something wrong?

  • How have you handled that situation?

  • What were the results?

  • What would you do differently?


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