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10 Divorce Terms to know

When you start the divorce process, it can be completely overwhelming. You have a lot to navigate through; it takes a team to ensure you correct everything.

So, what terms do you need to understand as you go through the process?

Annulment: An annulment is when the marriage is dissolved in a religious sector. This defines that your marriage is void and not like divorce; it is typically retroactive, meaning the marriage is considered invalid from the beginning.

COBRA: This refers to health insurance; if you are on your partner's plan, you can choose COBRA as an option for 18 months after your divorce is final. COBRA stands for Consolidated Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act and again relates to health, dental, and vision insurance.

Deposition: You may have heard of these in general law practice many times. When related to divorce, it’s a meeting where you, the person deposed, are brought in, to tell the truth about your situation that can be used in court.

Dissolution is a term used on legal paperwork and when ending a relationship for good.

DR case: Meaning Domestic Relations when filing a divorce. This also means that you have officially filed, and your case will be assigned a number.

Emancipation: This term is a divorce, separation, or custody battle that ends the parental control of a child. Also, the parent does not need to provide a child with any support via care or finances.

Marital Indebtness: Debt that both parties acquired during the marriage. Generally, the court or your attorney splits this down the middle, and this would be anything jointly incurred throughout your “legal” time together.

Prenuptial Agreement: This is defined as legal documents signed and agreed upon before your nuptials. It should clearly state what yours is yours and what’s mine and mine.

Postnuptial Agreement: This agreement is a legal contract entered into after a couple has married. They define how a couple's finances, assets, and marital property will be divided in the event of a divorce or legal separation.

Rehabilitative Maintenance: This term refers to short-term financial support until your ex-partner gets back on their feet.

There are many more terms; however, these were chosen for clarity and knowledge as you enter this process. #beintheknow #divorce #divorceterms

Good luck during your process, and try to focus on the tasks at hand and not let emotions overwhelm you.




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