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10 Hilarious Gifts to Buy a Newly Divorced Friend

Divorcee Candle

Supporting a newly divorced friend involves thoughtful and trendy gifts that aid in their healing and personal growth. However, humor and survival-based items can remind them to laugh and enjoy life amidst the severe aspects.

Here are 10 hilarious gift ideas for your divorcee to brighten their day:

1.   Freedom-themed gift basket: Assemble a basket filled with humorous items symbolizing freedom and independence. Include a "Just Divorced" t-shirt, a "Breakup Recovery" book, a bottle of champagne to celebrate their new chapter, and a card with uplifting and funny messages.

2.   "Divorced AF" coffee mug: Start their mornings with a smile by gifting them a coffee mug that proudly declares their new status. Add some divorce-themed coffee or tea to complete the gift.

3.   "Divorce Survival Kit": Compile a survival kit containing a stress ball, a bottle of wine, a package of tissues, funny breakup playlists, and a voucher for a relaxing spa day. This kit will provide comfort and relief during challenging moments.

4.   "Ex Box": Please encourage them to let go of the past in a lighthearted way. Prepare a box with items representing their ex, such as a stuffed animal or a photo. Coordinate a mini ritual for saying goodbye to these reminders.

5.   Funny divorce-themed books: Gift them with humorous books like "The Ex-Wife's Guide to Divorce," "Divorce for Dummies,", or "101 Ways to Enjoy Post-Divorce Life." These books will not only offer a good laugh but also provide valuable insights.

6.   "Emergency Divorce Kit": Create a lighthearted kit comprising emergency chocolates, a stress ball shaped like a gavel, a mini divorce-themed journal, and a funny breakup card. This kit will come in handy during stressful times.

7.   "Wrecking Room Experience": Consider gifting them a "Wrecking Room" experience where they can release post-divorce anger in a safe space.

8.   Funny candles: Look for humorous candles on platforms like Etsy. These candles can add a touch of humor to their living space and create a relaxed ambiance.


9.   Customized playlist: See the latest Divorcee Dish playlist. Create a customized playlist of uplifting and humorous songs to boost their spirits and make them smile.


10. Personalized items: Consider customized items like t-shirts, mugs, or keychains incorporating funny, divorce-related slogans or quotes. This way, they can display their sense of humor while embracing their new journey.

Remember to think outside the box when selecting gifts for newly divorced friends. Laughter is a potent medicine for healing, and these humorous gifts can go a long way in supporting them during this transitional phase. Consider their personality and sense of humor to select the most appropriate gift. Happy giving!


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