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Dating: The three texts theory

Have you heard of the three texts theory in the dating world? If not, you are going to want to read this.

When a woman or man sends three texts in a row, it drives one another away. Women are labeled as "crazy" or "psycho" (seriously). Men are labeled more flirty and exciting, ensuring that the person they are courting knows they are interested in moving forward with a possible dating situation.

However, in recent years all dating sites have women in control - is this where this issue is

stirring? Yet, the men decide whether they want to match with the women.

A woman has to make the first move, which I thought was a good thing; however, over the years, I have felt that men need to have the option of taking the lead. There should be NO issues when taking dating situations offline to text or WhatsApp if it is mutual.

Though there still is this theory. Let's face it; if you are interested in someone and want to meet in person instead of text dating, it takes coordination for both parties to feel comfortable. Sadly, almost all dating nowadays starts with a swipe or text. A simple text is tough enough when you are clueless about what you are getting into; then, being seen as crazy makes you even more hesitant to engage in the whole process.

After all, if you can't handle a good text communication series, then he's/she's not worth your time. If they do not answer in a timely, respectful way - ditch them. Dating is hard enough when you are divorced - throw out the rules and theories and be true to yourself.

Opinion: 3 text theories should be extinct.


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