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And sometimes the loneliness.

As a single parent with three amazing kids, there are times when I think about how much I miss them when they are at their dad’s house.

We just got back from a beautiful trip to the beach and spending eight full days with them was terrific; we ate together, walked together, and just had fun. I suppose I just let myself take advantage of the time. When I dropped them off yesterday, I knew I was headed to the home I love to get my life back in order. I must have fallen asleep around 8 p.m. and woke up at 6 a.m. the following day, yet still felt tired.

Then the silence hit me. I am home, alone, and my kids will not be here for a couple of days. Once I realized this, I only broke down thinking how hard divorce can sometimes be and when you have wonderful supporters in your life (friends, family, and others), it's never the same when you are away from kids you adore. When you realize all of this is for a reason, you stop and reflect on how you got here, and sometimes you do not know.

I advise you to take time for yourself, rest, do a favorite activity, and remember your kids love you and most likely want to be with you as much as you.

It’s difficult at times. However, you are stronger than you ever know.

Much love to all,



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