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Being thankful for all the goodness

The world is a crazy place, yet you can find goodness in the company of good friends and family. Being divorced can be a challenging during this Holiday Season, nevertheless there is SO much to be thankful for in your world.

I am thankful for the following:

I am grateful for my children; I have three awesome kids.

I am thankful for my home; I have made it my own.

I am thankful for my family; especially my silly, crazy nieces and siblings.

I am thankful for a warm bed; so nice to be cozy during the night.

I am thankful for my daily

latte; it brightens every day.

I am thankful for my Peloton; it releases the stress I need to let go of.

I am thankful for the @DailyCalm ; Meditation grounds you.

I am thankful for wonderful neighbors who would do anything for me.

I am grateful for all the silly nights with my friends and for laughing for hours.

I am thankful for wine; wine can be good for the soul.

I am grateful for my hometown, Louisville, Kentucky, its food, the bourbon, the people and the small businesses it supports like mine.It is a great place to be.

I am thankful for my spirit of entrepreneurship and for always working on new adventures.

I am thankful for the solo trip I took in April….it was just what I needed.

I am thankful for new traditions.

I am thankful that the two books I’ve been writing will be coming out soon.

I am so thankful I started the Divorcee Dish Journey; I love writing and sharing stories with fellow Dishers.

Those are just a few things I am thankful for, but there are so many more that warm my heart.

What are you thankful for?

Blessings to you all,


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