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Comic Relief

Photos by: Forbes, AP and People Magazine.

So if you feel down and like your world is in chaos, take a moment to think about each item that may be bothering you and then find some comic relief.

Lately, during the time without kiddos, I changed my ways of watching things for some comedy.

It has made an enormous difference in how I approach situations, turning them into possible laughs thanks to the many talented stand-up comedians I found on Netflix.

Take these women and the latest streaming shows: Click through for previews:

· Taylor Tomlinson: Look At You (2022)

The above and many moves cover every area of life and the best way possible.

These comedic geniuses are just that….there to make you belly laugh.

When things seem complicated, and you know one day it will get better, and you're not sure how to navigate how – take a few to laugh; you may laugh so hard you cry; however, you need it for your mind, body, and soul.

Note: some content may be offensive for some; we merely want to ensure your belly laughs for all or most of it.

Happy laughing!



  • What makes you laugh the most?

  • Can you look back at situations in relationships and laugh?

  • Do you think of someone or something that places a smile on your face?

  • Can you remember each day to take 10 minutes to sit and laugh?


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