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Craving Attention.

It's all about attention, right? We crave it, we need it, and we want to feel understood by others, especially during a traumatic time such as a divorce. But what if no one is paying attention? This is a very frustrating problem, especially when the person who doesn't seem to care about you is the only person that matters (in your mind). You could write off this situation as trivial or meaningless, but there are profound psychological implications of being ignored.

It's hard to be ignored & it's nearly impossible not to want to be validated by others.

You're probably thinking, "This guy/girl is an idiot. I don't need validation." You don't need it? Really? Can you honestly say that you have never wanted to be validated, heard or understood? If so, then let me ask again: do you really not need validation? Because we all crave attention. Period.

And when we don't get it from friends and family members who love us unconditionally (because they should), we look for other sources of attention like social media platforms where we can post pictures of ourselves looking good and getting lots of likes. Or maybe even Instagram, where our carefully crafted photos can get thousands of views in just one day. But be careful because that is NOT REAL LIFE. We want people to notice how great our lives are because they are extraordinary (or a mess, depending on the day), and if they don't, cut them out (it is too toxic).

Some people think that they are so good at ignoring you, but they're being rude (i.e., assholes, bitches, or other words you may call people)

If you feel someone ignores you and makes you uncomfortable, that's not their fault. They are just being inconsiderate. That's right! The person who doesn't show attention to others has no idea what they are doing and how it affects people around them. They consciously or unconsciously don't care about other people's feelings or needs because they're too busy thinking about themselves and what they want in life…which is fine. But not necessarily for you. When it comes down to basic human interaction with other humans (especially ones who have been around for longer than five minutes), there should be some common courtesy acknowledged by all parties involved so everyone feels respected and valued by each other.

Ignoring another person isn't OK because “it happens all the time.” If someone ignores another person intentionally, then there should be consequences for such actions beyond just being called rude names online or having angry tweets directed towards them for days on end after an event where something happened between two people who barely knew each other existed, but still managed somehow over time through sheer coincidence alone - despite both parties never interacting again after this incident occurred - which would mean technically speaking if one were genuinely concerned with how others felt then wouldn't one seek out opportunities. Wordy, yes. Make sense? Yes.

You deserve to feel understood.

You have the right to be heard. You have the right to be understood, and you deserve to feel validated. You can ask questions and expect them to be answered honestly, or at least not with an excuse or a lie. You can say what you think and feel without being dismissed or judged as crazy or irrational (unless it's crazy or unreasonable). You can expect someone who cares for you to accept your quirks and embrace them as part of you (and they) are.

When you're craving attention, it can feel like no one understands. But the truth is that we all have these moments. The key is learning how to cope with them healthily so they don't become a problem.

You go, attention-getters!


Let's Dish:

  • Don't worry about your craving for attention - write your fears down:

  • Who and why have the people you are craving attention to ignore you?

  • If they ignore you, in turn, ignore them back - think about what you can do instead of worrying about them not getting back to you.


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