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Halloween: No tricks, ALL treats

Whatever your age, if you loved dressing up as a kid (who didn't?); getting costume crazy in college; or currently have tiny tots or adult children, memories of Halloweens past are likely to swirl through your mind like a witch on a broom, bringing up an array of emotions. But don't get spooked, lock your doors and turn out all the lights this weekend due to a late October pity party (plus, do you want to wake up November 1 to a yard full of toilet-papered trees...or worse?). No! Turn the situation around and celebrate the day and night - after all, there's a lot of candy and chocolate involved, which in our blog is always a win - your way this year.

Here's how: · If you have kids that are trick-or-treating age, make a plan with your ex (if you're on good terms) or a good friend and their children to do a joint neighborhood or safe place jaunt so the little ones can load up on treats and you can all have a good time, drama- and stress-free; · No kids? No problem. Check-in with your friends and sniff around for an invite to Halloween events for grownups, whether costume parties or casual get-togethers. And GO if you're invited! · Not into either of the above, or they're not options? No worries because this could be one the best plans of all: Stock up on your favorite spirit(s) or non-alcoholic beverages, pick out your favorite delivery restaurant, order everything - and I mean EVERYTHING - on the menu, you want (be sure to call or text enough in advance because they'll be busy this weekend), binge your fa

vorite Netflix or other streaming service or completely crank up your stereo, and live it

up in your den/living room or even more decadent, in bed (by yourself or not, wink wink)!

And if the thought of being separated from your loved ones, especially

your children, on this kid-centric holiday has you down, please check out "The Divorced Mom's Guide to Halloween" (link from, and "Halloween Tips for Divorced Dads" (link from, both filled with great advice on how to cope.

We wish you all a safe and treat-filled Halloween! Erin


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