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Don't Rain on my parade!

You've seen "Funny Girl" with the one and only BARBRA, right?? Parades. When I first got divorced, I didn't know there was an unknown type of parade for men and women to regain their sexual appetite. Who knew? A very in-tune friend of mine said to me, “Have you been on your “d**k” parade or to guys "can I see if you are on your “p**y” parade"? WOW! Although it began to make sense.

Your body craves a human touch. That's who we are. But as I thought more about it, the human touch in a loving relationship differs from what she was talking about. Then it hit me immediately, along with other friends, newly single, divorced, whatever. Men and women suddenly come out of the woodwork to have fun – with absolutely no commitment.

When you're coming out of an emotional divorce, it's so hard to see the light in the tunnel. You feel lost; you do not want to jump into a new relationship too fast and you have to work through your emotions, whether you have a love/hate with your ex or a newfound friendship. And sometimes - more often than not - those parades are not disrespectful. Down the road, they may get you out of a rut. I mean, you do you and always practice safe sex...yes?...YES??

Years later, I look back and chuckle with other divorcee friends, hearing about their adventures. And here's the deal we've all concluded: There is ZERO shame in a parade that you want to march your ass to, to feel alive again after a long time of hurt. Get out there, be safe and have some adventures. Then you'll figure out when to seek out your longer-term relationship - maybe it's with your new drum major! - and never settle. Love you! Erin


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