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E: is for Embrace

Embrace the changes that are happening in your life. Embrace the hope you have for the future. Embrace the possibilities of finding happiness. Embrace the positive.

As you move through recovery and closure, we encourage embracing something new.

Your life is on an entirely new path, and you are in charge. You may not feel like it depending on where you are in the process; however, there will be an enlightening moment somewhere along the way when you will embrace your new life.

Embracing your life means being true to yourself and not living by someone else's rules or

expectations. Living your best life can require choosing your authenticity over others' acceptance. Making peace with the one road we take in life makes all the difference.*

  • You have the power within you to do so.

  • Embrace and learn to love yourself.

  • Forgive yourself and any mistakes you feel you have made.

  • Embrace new beginnings.

  • Embrace love and support from the people around you.

You will look back and say, “I am thrilled you took that time for me.”

We are here for you along your journey, and please feel free to share the different ways you embrace the world by contacting us here.

*Source: Psychology Today


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