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Flashback vs. fast forward: 10 signs you may not be over your ex

You think you've moved on and are ready to return to the dating game. However, you still feel a little bit hesitant. Here are a few reasons why that may be the reason:

1) Your heart still hurts when you think of what is over now but in reality, you know it was for the best; 2) You unexpectedly see your ex out with a new person and you turn and head the other way; 3) You never set relationship boundaries or discussed when the other would move on so you get upset when you learn they have; 4) You get emotional when you see him/her on a dating app (e.g. Bumble, Hinge, Match, OkCupid, et al); 5) You start to date someone and all you can think of is your ex; 6) You take out things that bother you in your past relationship with your new person; 7) You freak out when the new person in your life wants to sleep over and you worry about the consequences in your mind and heart; 8) You reminisce and talk about all the good times you had with your ex with friends; 9) You talk to your ex like nothing has changed for either of you and though that time of communication can be good, unless you plan on trying things again there should be some distance between the two of you; 10) You cannot picture yourself with anyone else.

You may feel one, two, or all of the above when you think you're ready to move on. If you start to have any of these reactions take a pause, journal, feel the feelings, and move through them. It's OK not to feel ready.

And as we’ve said before, we recommend six months post-divorce before you dive back into the playing field, though for some it can take years. You're only human and you have feelings; it's OK to tell someone you are just not ready yet. Remember, you be you, and don't worry about anyone else. You got this but it does take time.


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