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Men & profiles, from the female viewpoint.

Hey, all you men out there looking for love need to know what women think of your online dating profile. Maybe you’re just trying to get back in the dating pool; maybe you want a hookup; or maybe you don’t know how to get started. Well, I’m here to give you some tips. How to attract decent, down-to-earth women looking for simple fun or their next new relationship. Either way, you need to be a gentleman, not the guy who gets a girl's number and then pushes it downhill in a hurry. Some of the things men place out there are offensive. Gathered from a pool of several women, let’s start with what most females do not want to see once you’ve made initial contact. •  You are in your bathroom half-naked, taking a photo in your mirror (amateur) • At the gym with your shirt off • Leaving nothing for her imagination; I mean really, you think that’s going to get you a woman? •  Your fish - dude, no one wants to see how big your fish are •  Political nutcases – e.g., Trump supporters, please step left & out •  Making fun of someone else’s profile •  Lying to get a date •  D**k pics of any kind are unacceptable…please are you that much of a boy? •  Old photos of you that you are 20 years younger, when you look completely different now •  Asking for your number right after you meet; settle down, if the woman is worth it be patient • Try to stick to one dating app, not ALL of them; It looks like you want to hook up with anyone who may swipe right (which is what many guys want but we don’t) . Now, here are some things you can do for a decent, real profile: • Be yourself • Be honest • Pay to be a subscriber, which means you’re serious • Keep your photos current • Fill out your profile and pay the fee to be verified or subscribed • If you need to learn how to take great photos of yourself, ask a friend • Find a connection and keep it cool until it’s time to ask her out • Then, ask her out; no one wants an online relationship long-term • Be a gentleman, not a woman likes an ahole • DO NOT ghost anyone; tell them flat out you’re not interested, be an adult, for god’s sake Women want a man who is calm, cool, and confident. Guys pull yourselves together! Here are some questions to consider: • Why would you show yourself naked? • What is your purpose? • Why would you not use words – you are an adult, aren’t you? • What do you want are you seeking, be honest? Until next time, Erin


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