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O: is for Being Open-Minded

After a divorce, be open-minded because this is a new chapter in your life.

Being open-minded and not stuck in the old rut can be refreshing. There are so many benefits to seeing the world from a new view.

You have new opportunities you never knew because unwinding yourself from a challenging or toxic relationship – can be tricky. Though now is yo

ur time to work towards what you want.

Reasons why you should keep your mind open:

1. You can explore new activities: let’s say you have always wanted to try kayaking – do it!

2. Lowering your stress level and opening your mind to a world of fun possibilities – is exciting.

3. You may meet new people you never thought you would mesh with and try new things.

4. Travel places you never thought you’d go and explore.

5. Learn something new, take a class on art or cooking.

6. Find new friends that are divorced and probably feeling the same way you are and want to do something new and exciting.

7. Mentally it can be refreshing to be open to new ideas.

8. Let your guard down. You may have been stuck in your ways; however, now is the time to open your mind.

We know you can do this, and we have your back.

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