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Omg: Oops

I felt overwhelmed that I may have ruined a 30-year friendship with a simple drunk text. I hope it’s not true; however, like most of us, we have done it once or one hundred times while having an emotional moment.

Telling someone how you feel is one thing even though they are already in a lifelong

relationship and give you enough hope to hold on….hold back, people, hold back. I do not live by the rules that I could and should have. I just go, and though I think many things out, this was not the case.

Friendships, Relationships, and Dating are so tricky in your 40s – I often question whether live by the YOLO rule (You Only Live Once) or hold back until the timing is right.

I’ve asked my friends, and it's funny because it’s a 50/50 split of yes, get after what you want, be the happiest you can be, OR be patient. What’s meant to be is meant to be. You could be waiting, and life is just too short.

What do you think? Peace, Love, and Happiness. PS and Apps that can prevent this from happening in the future are listed by: ScoopWhoop


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