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Prenup power play.

Did you have a prenup? What does it mean for the end of your marriage?

Let's take a look at this situation. Say you were young and in love when you signed this prenup. Did you read it thoroughly? Did you understand what would happen with a prenup?

Let’s look into the world of “Crap, I have a prenup” or “Yay for me, I have a prenup.”

A prenup is defined as an agreement made by a couple before they marry, concerning the ownership of their respective assets should the marriage fail and one side has a prenuptial agreement.

Since this happened, you may not have read the details since you signed it some time ago. However, here is a list of things that may or may not be in your prenup. Prenups also can cause a lack of trust in your partner, or you both agree you are protecting assets.

  • What type of assets, you ask?

  • Property owned before and during a marriage.

  • Personal or combined debt pre-marriage and in the divorce papers, you would define how post-marital debt would be covered.

  • Disability – what happens if you or your spouse becomes disabled? Where would this prenup stand?

  • Combined Earning pre-, during, post marriage.

  • A gift that may have been given to you by family during the marriage or before.

  • It may include an infidelity clause that could help one side in a case of confusion.

However, some prenuptial agreements do not hold up in court because someone unintentionally does something that would break the contract.

Then there are several pros and cons provided by legal zoom.

As you enter mediation or the litigation part of a divorce, be sure you know what is in the prenup because it can make this situation much better or worse.

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