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R: is for Recovery

Recovering from a breakup, separation, and divorce takes time. However, please know that you will recover and become a better version of yourself.

You may not have found you haven’t felt like yourself over the past few years as your relationship with your partner slowly deteriorated. That is hard on your mind and body.

Defined Recovery means returning to a regular health, mind, or strength state.

Let’s identify the how by spelling out RECOVER:

R: est. Take time to rest your body; some say I want to keep moving to not think about my current situation. However, sleep is OK, and your mind and body need it.

E: effort. Please try to reconnect with old friends and family and tell them you do not want to talk about the situation. Try to go for a walk and clear your mind; you must do this to survive.

C:alm. Download the Daily Calm. It has transitioned how I feel about my body and mindset. I’ve recommended this before; if not this app, there are others. DOWNLOAD a meditation map.

O: outlook. Your outlook on life may be full of mixed feelings. Remember, slowly, your view will go from despair to grief to hope. It will come, maybe at a pace that is hard to understand. Your perspective is bright – believe it.

V: ision. It may seem like the same as outlook, but with a vision, you can manifest the parts of your life you want to transition. Manifest a new relationship, manifest money, manifest that house you want. That vision is key to manifesting.

E: exercise. Make sure you keep up an exercise routine or start a new one. I have mentioned before that group classes can reconnect you to a community or join a bike, run, or tennis club. Anything that you may have wanted to try -now is the time.

R: refreshing. You will feel refreshed once you go through the stages of divorce, and then you take on the world. I also recommend that if you need a full-on refresher, take a trip by yourself and discover yourself.

Keep up the work, and the reward of peace will arrive.

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