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Rejection at its finest

Heads up, Dishers! This is a blog about rejection at its finest. Between men and women that you may meet or chat with online, you must be ready with a guarded heart to be flat-out rejected.

It is not easy to digest either; I mean, when has rejection been easy to digest? In this world, a disclaimer is everywhere, and some people do not care (or that’s how it feels). Rejection from jobs, rejections from partners, rejection from colleges, rejections from former friends -it's there.

I’m talking from experience, my heart, and my friends' stories. So how can you handle it better? Tell everyone that has rejected you to just “F” off – not relaxed.

R:ude – Rejection is acceptable, but no response; if you are conversing with some is outright rude.

E: go – the person that rejects you must have an ego that’s so big that they think they can do this.

J: ust respond. They have been engaging with you, but then the silence begins.

E: xpress – people who reject may not know how to express their feelings, which is unfortunate for them, NOT you.

C: an – Because they are human, they can take the opportunity to explain the “WHY” they rejected you.

T: ension – Rejection causes unnecessary stress and wants to read the riot act to people.

I: idiot – people that reject you are idiots; they have no idea what they are missing out on.

O: ongoing habit – know you are not the only one they have rejected. We know habitual rejecters.

N:unya – you ask they do not engage likes it nunya business; however, if they have talked the talk, then walk the walk.

If you are rejected, you must know that the person who denied you IS NOT WORTH ONE BIT of your time.

If someone or anyone rejects you, and you want to tell them how you feel, do it. It may be a wake-up call for them, but they may not realize it.

Stay Strong!


Journaling Opportunity:

  • Have you recently been rejected by someone?

  • Did they stop talking to you? How did that make you feel?

  • How did you cope with rejection?

  • Would you do anything differently?


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