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Silence .......

Silence is one of the worst actions someone you love or care for can take, and it's immature; it makes the person being silenced, confused and unwarranted. In this blog, we'll explore what makes this song and relationships so unique and how they may or may not evolve.

The first time someone disappears from your life without a trace, it is a shock. You feel abandoned and wonder how things could have gone wrong between you. You feel like you are missing something in your life that was once there for a good reason--a friend, lover, or family member. And sometimes even the best friend one can have has disappeared without warning or explanation.

The second time, you are angry. You feel betrayed and used by the person who told you they cared for you and wanted to be with you forever, now, or someday. You feel like you have been lied to about real feelings for no reason, which hurts more than anything else could hurt in this world.

The third time, you feel fear. You're scared of the unknown. You're afraid of what's to come and how much worse it could be than what came before. You're so scared that this is where your story ends--in silence, without love or companionship or comfort or safety, all alone in an empty world with no one to talk to but yourself, forever and always until death finds its way into your heartless shell and takes away everything else that makes life worth living.

Then comes the gut punch right before someone kicks you while you're down: it hurts so much because it's new; we've never experienced this kind of pain before, and our bodies aren't prepared for such agony (or maybe they are).

The fourth time, you begin to understand the pattern. You notice that you are losing people and being cut off from others. You feel like you are going around in circles, getting nowhere. It is as if someone has trapped you in a cycle of silence.

The fifth time, when the pattern is finally clear to you, and there seems no escape from it, when all doors are closed, and all roads lead back is where you learn about yourself and where the answers can be found if you look in the right places.

When someone purposely leaves your world, it is shocking; it makes you sick and makes you wonder, what could I have done that is so bad that you would cut me out like I never existed? However, you live and have the right to say your peace, whether these people genuinely hear you or they honestly couldn’t care less about you.

If you are experiencing any loss or if someone close to you has disappeared without a trace, this blog will give you some insight into how they could have been affected by their experience.

When this happens, sit with your thoughts on it. There have been times you just want to share and clear the air; there are times you want to just say f it – if you treat another human that way, karma is a bitch, and you will feel that somewhere down the road.

I find this happens way too often to kind, caring people who think they have never real connections. It’s painful; you feel vulnerable; however, you should not. Be who you are, and be honest with yourself and the person who cuts you out. They are not worth any effort if there is silence. Sadly, you need to remove these toxic people from your world to find someone who cares about your existence – good, bad, or indifferent; silence is one of the worst actions you can take against someone you once admired or cared for. This time, we discuss relationships, friendships, and family relations.

The best advice our team can give is do NOT let people shove you down and make you feel as if you have done something wrong. This is a current experience for me, and I will tell you losing people that you thought had your back and would be by you for life – sucks, but they are not worth your time if they can’t remember who you are.

Stand up for you, and frankly fuck the people that hurt you like this…bye, bye, bye.


Time to Dish:

· Have you tried to get attention?

· Have you tried to repair an ending relationship or friendship?

· Have you been rejected with excuses?

· Have people blamed you for creating drama when you want peace?

· What happened to this person that gives them the right to treat you this way?

No one, I’m saying, deserves to be treated like they do not exist. Ensure you always remember that you are human; life is so short; release the toxicity and move forward.


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