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Staying safe when traveling solo.

As I mentioned in our last blog post, sometimes you can travel with zero troubles, no worries, and feel safe. And while I have had safe vacation solo trips before, unfortunately I did not recently. However, there are plenty of places and ways to feel content and peaceful.

Most resorts that a solo male or female travel to have everything you need to feel like you can let your guard down and relax. Here is a list of the top vacation destinations for solo travelers:

1) Bahamas

2) Belize

3) St. Lucia

4) Australia

5) U.S. Virgin Islands

So what do you need to know to keep yourself safe and sound when traveling alone?

  • Always share your travel plans with your family and a good friend or two.

  • Make sure you can acquire an international phone plan to be able to call out at any time (some places have zero services).

  • Do not tell people you are by yourself unless it’s a fully vetted source which can lead to people looking for you, or if you tell, they may look out for you.

  • Secure your most important possessions in a place or safe that locks.

  • Bring pepper spray or a whistle if you get into a dangerous situation.

  • Do not go outside of your chosen resort UNLESS you are with others. This is a very sticky situation. You want to explore, yet I beg you not to do this alone.

  • Get social. Just because you are on a solo trip doesn’t mean you are all alone; there is a world of people to meet and introduce yourself to.

  • Research the ins and outs of where you are going. Look up the latest news in that area and past news so that you are in the know.

  • Buy insurance for your trip. In case you find yourself feeling unsafe, you can get out early.

  • Stash your cash in a safe place.

  • Enjoy yourself, however, do not leave a drink on its own as you may end up with something in your drink you did not expect.

  • Make sure your passport is always secured if traveling outside the United States.

  • A significant tip I learned on my most recent trip is to turn on VPN for all your devices.

These examples are only the start of many ways to stay safe. We want you to know that you can go solo and return relaxed and refreshed. Just make sure you keep your bearings intact and enjoy!

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