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Communication is Key A well-known topic of contention between couples of all ages. How do we best communicate? Can we feel free to say anything and not be judged? Can we say nothing at all, and whatever is lurking goes away?

Answer: Communication is Key. You must be able to talk to your partner, whether married, dating, or divorcing – clear communication is critical.

Some say it is just my personality, or I do not know what to say….That is total bs.

Everyone should and can say what they want; don’t be scared.

The feeling you explore in your heart should be shared, honesty is the best policy, but when it comes to relationships, people seem to dance around the truth.

I am so very guilty of that; you may have feelings for multiple people after a divorce; not only do you feel the guilt of your divorce, but you have these confusing feelings.

However, you know damn well you would never get back with your ex. It's just grief and confusion that have overcome you. You will get past it.

Moving on to the next is harder sometimes than you think. As I have experienced, you crave attention and touch but do not know if it's because you have not had that feeling in so long due to your divorce or if you have genuine feelings that need to be explored.

Maybe……and that’s all right. You can feel free to do anything you want. Exploration is also key to moving on and feeling as if you may someday be ready to start anew.

Back to the subject at hand, communication is critical. Be upfront and personal with your new person or persons. If you are not ready for a relationship, say it; just because you are dating doesn’t mean you are destined to be married to this person.

Take time to explore; you may or may not have been in a long marriage, but again, do not jump right in; take time to see what is out there, and do not settle for anything but what you deserve.

Your partner should be your best friend, your go-to, and everything else. Good Luck in your search! We are here for you. Divorcee Dish Team


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