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The One That Got Away ...almost

Have any of you had an experience where you have dreamt of other men during your marriage or before or after?

I have, and it has been intense for over ten years or now 20 ish of dreaming. So, of course, I went to seek out this person, and they are dating someone and still dating someone.

It's the kind of person who has stolen a piece of me that makes me happy and laugh a lot. Though I now know nothing will ever happen. Update- he doesn't have a life partner yet. This makes me think, is there still hope? A: No idea.

We remain close friends and co-workers on his business, which is great for him and me; sometimes, we talk all the time, some weeks, and maybe we see each other very briefly.

I had a friend see us recently while we were out for coffee, and she said gosh, you all look so natural together. However, we have had a special bond for over 30 years. He gets me, and I believe I call him. Most days I have a glimmer of hope that he will notice me as more than a friend.

I still hold onto the fantasy that we would live together and be partners, laughing, traveling, and creating a world for ourselves. At some point, I must give up this (believe me, I know) and know, hopefully, we will be friends for the rest of our lives.

I am tempted to tell him my feelings are still there and more intense than ever; I am just a girl that loves a boy...that may not know I'm an option.

If you have someone who feels the same way, go for it and stay strong.

Time to Dish:

  • Do you have someone you want to be with?

  • Have you told them? If so, how did it go?

  • If not, why not?

  • Are you willing to take that chance?


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