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The One That Got Away

Have any of you had an experience where you have dreamt of other men during your marriage or before or after?

I have, and it has been intense for over ten years or now 20 ish of dreaming. So, of course, I went to seek out this person, and they are dating someone and still dating someone.

It's the kind of person who has stolen a piece of me that makes me happy and laugh a lot. Though I now know nothing will ever happen. He has found his life partner, and that's not my…. bummer.

Though we remain close friends and co-workers on his business, which is great for him and me, sometimes we talk all the time, and others when he is not communicating for weeks or months.

I had a friend see us recently while we were out for coffee, and she said gosh, you all look so natural together. However, it's a special bond we have had for over 30 years. He gets me, and I thought I got him. Though possibly I don't know him as well as I felt in our older ages. He flirts with the younger ladies that have bodies like rockstars.

I thought for years that maybe I could sway him to my side, but I have found that is not an option. I also should not have tried because he is with someone he loves.

I just had the fantasy that it would be us to close out our lives together, and we would be partners, laughing, traveling, and creating a world for ourselves. It's all right to feel and think that way, but I am no longer getting my hopes up in this area.

If you have someone who feels the same way, go for it and stay strong. Though it will not be for me, it may happen for you.

The Divorcee Dish team wishes you the best of luck. #loverules

Dedicating to Fleetwood: Rhiannon

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